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Custom Cut Foam Information

Whether you’re heading out to the range for a day of shooting, want to preserve a priceless family heirloom, or need to ship fragile goods, our cases and custom foam inserts ensure the things that matter to you are protected.

With a durable exterior shell, cases can easily be shipped without additional packaging. The interior foam keeps the contents secure and absorbs the impact from drops and falls – take a look at our 20-foot drop test!

Our cases provide serious protection without the bulk. Made of lightweight material, the cases won’t weigh down your hunting gear and allow for cost-effective shipping. Accidents happen – don’t delay creating your custom case.

Custom Cut Foam Step 1


Select the case that is the perfect fit for you here.*

Custom Cut Foam Select Step

*If you already have a Pelican™ Case and would like to order custom foam only, please contact us at (888) 909-8760 or email us at sales@policeequipmentdealer.com to place your order.

Custom Cut Foam Step 2


Once you complete your order, we will mail you materials to create a template tailored to your needs. For guidance creating your template, be sure to check out our instructional video and our written step-by-step guide.

Custom Cut Foam Create Step
Custom Cut Foam Step 3


Return your template using the included pre-paid postage materials.

Custom Cut Foam Return Step

Once we receive your order, our engineers will prepare your drawing in a computer aided design (CAD) program and you will receive a final proof before we cut the foam to your specifications.

Questions?   If you have questions about our custom foam products, we’re ready to help!
Give us a call Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm CT at (888) 909-8760 or email us at sales@policeequipmentdealer.com.

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Custom Foam Example 2
Custom Foam Example 3
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Custom Foam Example 9
Custom Foam Example 10
Custom Foam Example 11
Custom Foam Example 12
Custom Foam Example 13
Custom Foam Example 14
Custom Foam Example 15
Custom Foam Example 16
Custom Foam Example 17
Custom Foam Example 18
Custom Foam Example 19
Custom Foam Example 20
Custom Foam Example 21
Custom Foam Example 22
Custom Foam Example 23
Custom Foam Example 24
Custom Foam Example 25
Custom Foam Example 26
Custom Foam Example 27
Custom Foam Example 28
Custom Foam Example 29
Custom Foam Example 30
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