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Take a look at our wide selection of Klein headsets and earpieces. If you need 1-wire, 2-wire or 3-wire earpieces, or if you like high-noise, modular or racing headsets, PoliceEquipmentDealer.com has what you need
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Keep your two-way radio in the holster and communicate easily and privately with a Klein 1-wire radio earpiece. An in-line Push-to-Talk button ensures ease of operation with these models. Choose Agent, Comfit, Curl, Drift, Star or Vapor radio earpiece for your needs in basic two-way radio accessories.
Our Klein 2-wire radio earpieces are popular among law enforcement officers. A hands-free, Push-to-Talk button ensures ease in operation and makes two-way radio communication more efficient and secure. Director and Patriot each offer a variety of features to serve your surveillance needs.
Maximize covert communication and enhance your versatility by selecting a Klein 3-wire radio earpiece. The microphone, Push-to-Talk button and the earpiece are each on separate wires at this level of surveillance. Our Stealth radio earpiece is the best model for your needs.
If you need noise-cancellation in a rugged and durable headset, look no further. Our Klein Comet, DualSport, HNH and Titan series headsets are all great for noisy environments where communication is difficult.
For an inexpensive, rugged headset that’s also lightweight, choose from our Crewchief, Razor, and Voyager series. Lots of choices for comfort.
Increase security and reduce noise by adding a receive-only earpiece to your two-way radio or speaker microphone. Choose the inexpensive Scorpion for an earbud style earpiece or Shadow for top-quality sound and a more covert style earpiece.
Our Klein Modular Tactical Communication Headset System offers a heavy-duty combination push-to-talk (PTT) and junction box. This allows police and military officers to quickly interchange headsets and other components at the junction box for different application needs. The Titan dual-muff high-noise headset, Commander tactical headset and Pro-Tactical throat microphone / earpiece are all available for this system--along with a ring-finger and barrel-style PTT.
Motorcycles and road noise require headsets to be hands-free and noise-cancelling. Try our affordable Klein RiderComm series and experience the quiet quality of RiderComm.
All the components you need for secure communication in your racing helmet. Browse our selections of everything from cables and cords to microphones and harnesses that are all suitable to a high-noise environment.
Our Klein tactical headsets are the preferred gear for police, SWAT teams and military use. Our Commander series is an excellent choice for your field communication needs.
If wires get in your way, our Bluetooth headsets will be your solution. Your two-way radio communication will be secure and your hands free with these headsets. Additionally, each works with any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone.
PoliceEquipmentDealer.com offers parts and accessories for your Klein headsets and earpieces.