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Listen-Only Earpieces

Increase security and reduce noise by adding a receive-only earpiece to your two-way radio or speaker microphone. Choose the inexpensive Scorpion for an earbud style earpiece or Shadow for top-quality sound and a more covert style earpiece.
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The Klein Agent Listen-Only Radio Earpiece with short or long Cord is a discreet, single wire, listen-only radio earpiece. It has a clear-audio speaker at the end of a size-adjustable C-ring earloop that wraps over either ear.
The Klein DARK listen-only earpiece with a 3.5mm connector is designed for public safety officers, this nearly-invisible earpiece plugs into the shoulder microphone.
The Klein foam listen-only earpiece with a 3.5mm connector is specifically made for Blackbox Buzz Radios but will work with other radios that have a 3.5mm connector.
Increase security and reduce noise by adding a Klein Scorpion Listen-Only Earpiece to your shoulder microphone or radio.
The Klein Shadow Listen-Only Earpiece is a listen-only surveillance-style earpiece that allows you to discreetly receive messages while remaining attentive to your immediate surroundings.