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PoliceEquipmentDealer.com offers the best deals on Pelican flashlights. Browse our selection of Remote Area Lighting Systems and Tactical Handheld flashlights for the products that will safely illuminate your job or work area.
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These handheld lights from Pelican™ will leave subjects frozen in their tracks. They are lightweight with no-slip bodies for a sure grip. Push button switch is easy to operate on each flashlight, even when wearing thick gloves.
PoliceEquipmentDealer.com is now offering Pelican™ headlights. Enhance your hands-free lighting with one of these.
See and be seen carrying a Pelican™ personal light that allows you to see where you are going and others to see you.
Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) from Pelican™ range from the compact single head 9430 that fits easily into confined spaces and extend to the four head 9470 lighting system which is capable of turning night into day.
Pelican™ offers various accessories for their Tactical Lights, everything from batteries to holsters to traffic wands.