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Speaker Microphones

Where else can you find a speaker microphone to fit every law-enforcement officer’s personal preference? Our Klein Bravo, Flare and Valor series offer a variety of features in speaker-mic technology.
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The Blackbox Mobile Radio Microphone is notable for its simple but efficient design. It has a push-to-talk button on the side and a mount clip at the back.
The Klein Blu-RSM Bluetooth Speaker Microphone is the best choice for bluetooth push-to-talk communications. It works with Android or iOS smart phones to control push-to-talks apps such as Zello, Kodiak or ESChat, as well as two-way radios using an adapter.
The Klein Bravo Speaker Microphone enables professional two-way communication for radios and delivers superior sound quality.
The Klein Flare Compact Speaker Microphone is notable for its incredible durability even with a 2.5” mini-size.
The Klein Valor Speaker Microphone provides professional two-way communication for the various phones, radios and applications.
The Valiant Amplified Compact Remote Speaker Microphone is built for radios that have no power coming from the audio port.
The Veteran Amplified Compact Speaker Microphone provides professional two-way communication for the Motorola TLK100 & SL series radios.