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PoliceEquipmentDealer.com is your source for the best price on Streamlight flashlights, Streamlight accessories, and Streamlight replacement parts. Choose, from several flashlight series: SL, Stinger, Strion, Tactical Handheld or Tactical Weapon-Mounted. We have what you need!
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This versatile family of rechargeable personal lights has the power and the durability you need for almost any job. The Streamlight SL-20L® and SL-20LP® full sized professional grade, high-intensity, rechargeable flashlights offer 3 microprocessor controlled variable intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in power LED technology. The combination of rechargeable batteries and high power LED results in one of the lowest operating costs of any full size flashlight made.
The ultra-compact, super-powerful Strion® represents a whole new level in rechargeable technology from Streamlight. It’s the first lithium ion battery powered flashlight that recharges its battery in the light.
These compact, super-bright, rechargeable, lightweight personal lights from Streamlight are the most powerful lights ever made in their size. The machined aluminum housing that’s anodized against corrosion and the unbreakable polycarbonate flashlight lens make the Stingers virtually indestructible.
These compact, super-bright, rechargeable, lightweight PolyStinger flashlights from Streamlight are the most powerful lights ever made in their size.
Streamlight’s ProTac® series of professional tactical lights include our smallest hand-held tactical lights. Tuck one in a pocket or in your bag for a bright back-up light.
The Streamlight Stylus® penlight series combines the convenience of a penlight with the power of a bright LED. These tough, durable lights are ideal for a variety of tasks, from reading a map on a camping trip and inspecting hard-to-see places, to forensic investigations and tactical operations.
The Streamlight UltraStinger LED flashlight features current LED technology that produces a powerful beam with superior down-range performance.
PoliceEquipmentDealer.com offers the Tactical Series personal lights by Streamlight™. These are the most sophisticated and reliable tactical lights available. They’re designed to give users a clear advantage when confrontations occur in areas of poor light or limited visibility. They are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and precise with the versatility you need to face any situation. Powered by extremely long-lasting lithium batteries, so they’re ready whenever you need your flashlight.
Built to military specifications, and featuring flashlight technology currently being used by U.S. special operations, our Tactical Mounted Lights from Streamlight are compact, easy to handle and lightweight, so they don’t interfere with the balance of the gun. They’re designed to attach or detach in less than two seconds. Powered by super-long-lasting lithium batteries.

Your safety is important to us.

There are several types of locations in which it can be extremely dangerous to use any light that has not been specifically designed — and approved — for that kind of location. These are areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases, liquids, vapors, dusts, or ignitable fibers or flyings. If you will be using a flashlight in any potentially hazardous location, it is critical that your flashlight be safety-rated for that specific kind of environment. The information in this section will help you choose a lighting tool that’s both safe and effective for your needs. You’ll see that Streamlight makes a variety of lights that are safe to use in the environment in which you will be working.

These Streamlight headlamps are engineered to be compact, long-running, high-performance headlights to meet the stringent requirements of Division 1 hazardous locations while maintaining exceptional light output and a long run time.
With Streamlight Lanterns you can light up the world anywhere you want.

For every light sold, Streamlight will donate to Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S.), Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) or National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

When you purchase any of these products you are helping to make a difference in rebuilding lives thru research, training, public education or survivor issues.

PoliceEquipmentDealer.com carries Streamlight Accessories for all your Streamlight Flashlights. Find all the batteries, lenses, filters, chargers, cords, safety wands you need and more for your Streamlight.